AlphaCream is an advanced cream that is applied topically to the skin. It is designed to help dissolve fat, smooth the skin and improve its texture.The special applicator bottle is designed to deliver the exact amount of the AlphaCream with each full press of the pump. AlphaCream is formulated to provide excellent absorption through the skin. The key ingredients present in AlphaCream help emulsify fat and are bio-identical compounds similar to what the human body already produces.
The lipid soluble qualities and the small size of these compounds and molecules ensure that they are accepted for absorption by the skin and that they can easily pass between cells. AlphaCream may be used to enhance mesotherapy treatment results or as a stand alone product that can be used at home.


AlphaCream may be applied to any target “fat pads” such as: abdominal area, thighs, love handles, hips, arms, back, buttocks, chin or any other desired areas. It is important to keep cream away from eyes and mucous membranes. Each bottle delivers 60 full press pumps of product. To acheive maximum results, apply (2) two times daily on desired areas (minimum of 6 sq. inches). Usage will vary depending on multiple areas of coverage.Before starting it is important to measure areas of application and record results. Weekly follow-up measurement is advised to show reduction progression. Proper diet and exercise will accelerate positive results. It is important that you include the proper exercise regimen specific to the area that you are treating with the cream.


medically directed